Social Networks

Social Networks

Social networks have become an important communication medium, accounting for 2/3 of the internet population.


Why should one be interested in social media / networks?


Because it is one of the main activities of internet users. Three people out of four use the technology linked to the social media, and 2/3 of the Internet population visit those social media.

A presence on the social networks. What for?


  • You will be able to manage and develop your corporate image
  • You will be able to improve your visibility
  • You will be able to keep in touch with your prospects and clients
  • You will be able to get to know your consumers
  • You will be able to analyse the expectations of your prospects and clients
  • You will be able to transmit quickly your marketing messages
  • You will be able to find and contact new prospects
  • You will be able to generate more traffic

Our offer:


  • We create and lead a Facebook Fan page, a Twitter account or a Linkedin group
  • We define the strategy of the page, the editorial guiding line, the parameters of your account and we create FBML modules so that you can save time and be sure to make a good impression right from your first publication on
  • We create and broadcast original content
  • We lead and moderate conversations on the blogs, forums, social networks, …