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Search Engine Optimization

As a must-have service, the search engine optimization needs professional ressources, in order to ensure its best contribution to the visibility of your site.

Our only target : make sure that the best place is reserved to the site of our clients in each and every tool !
The efficiency of the search engine optimization comes as a result of the combination of complex technical actions and a direct approach to research tools. These tools make their own classifications in order to fulfill the internet users’investigations.

The know-how of eTeamsys is based on a perfect knowledge of the mode of operation of the different research tools, their indexing methods and the behaviour of the internet users.

In a more and more complex commercial and marketing context, the search engine optimization is becoming more and more strategic. Find out the answers our search engine optimization team has given to the different problems regarding the search engine optimization.

Optimizing a web site

Our approach : made up and developed by eTeamSys, the ART method diagnoses the whole problems linked to the search engine optimization of your site. Mastering this method helps our consultants analyse any site hosted by any technology to quickly implement the best strategy regarding the search engine optimization.

Search engine optimization of an Internet site

The search engine optimization is the process of traffic quality and volume improvement towards a Web site from different search engines via the «natural» results («organic» or «algorithmic») for targeted keywords. The upper a site comes in the results of a search list, the more defined visitors it will get. The search engine optimization can define different types of search, including the search of images, the local search, the search of specific products or financial information.