Our search engine optimization platform ReFeRer centralizes all the different steps in order to help you elaborate your SEO strategy

eTeamsys has developed a modular search engine optimization platform destined to structure and centralize your search engine optimization campaigns. To get the best positioning of your site in search engines and particularly in Google, you need to put in place techniques that are based on the ART methodology : Accessibility, Relevancy and Trust.  

After segmenting your key words in categories and after linking them to your analytics, and thanks to a more commercial and marketing-minded view, the aim is to improve your content so that it will react to the selected key words.

With our CMS module, you will be able to generate more natural traffic by managing more easily your descriptions in the Google results. Indeed, thanks to our back office, you will also be able to customize the description of published pages by Google in its natural search results. Supposing that one of the pages of your site appears on the first page of Google results linked to the phrase “Travel Agency”, you will then have the opportunity to update the description of your message in order to make it more attractive, more precise. You can for example let everybody know that you intend to take part in a trade show.


Content management system:

Automatic management of search engine optimization tags 

Images optimization

Automatic optimization of the links hierarchy

Languages and countries management