The Automated Inventory Management Platform for AdWords!

What is the advantage of ADBuilder?

While marketing focuses on the ROI or a CPA global, the everyday management of an e-Business site means that your global vision needs to be balanced against the continuous change of your sales priorities. Another challenge that you have to take up is the commercialization of hundreds or even thousands of articles on your e-Business platform. This requires tailor made visually rich advertisements, and campaigns that will regularly be adapted to price changes and according to the availability of the products.

Here are some of the obstacles that you might find:

  • The inability to identify and to react quickly to those updates might affect the profitability of your PPC campaigns
  • Your attempts to sell and to commercialize all of your different products have failed.   
  • Your online advert budgets are wasted on products that cannot be sold.
  • You have missed interesting and real sales opportunities.
  • Some products do not attract the clients, and you remain with surpluses that are unsaleable.
  • Budgets are not reassigned to more profitable fields that should have priority, such as products linked to quotas that, in case they are not sold, make your margins go down.
  • The published adverts are out of date and the messages are not relevant nor adequate to current affairs, which does not result in a lot of reactivity, and also generates a CTR contraction, a CPC increase and also diminishes the ROI.

Traditional methods are incapable to bring a definitive solution to those complex problems which a company has to face because they need constant manual operations from your e-marketer. He will have to invest a lot of time in the communication with your e-Business team in order to adapt parameters such as the specific geographical targeting, the auction strategy, the dedicated adverts creation. Time will also be needed to construct the PPC campaign.

Very often, the time that you have wasted does not allow you to seize the opportunity at the right moment, and you definitely miss it.

 How does ADBuilder work? 

The ADBuilder platform has been developed to tackle that problem.

It is focused on what you sell and on the income you want to generate by building your campaign bit by bit and by integrating professionally the analysis scripts in order to determine what each campaign corresponds to.  Consequently, when you need to adapt your strategy to new sales objectives, ADBuilder is able to do it quickly, automatically and even in a predictive way.

Main characteristics 

At the heart of AdBuilder there are logical processes:

ADBuilder full campaigns are built and based on the level of most basic products categories in order to guarantee a full marketing cover of your inventory.

Dynamic advert frameworks generate copies with many different functionalities for each product or category and integrate real time synchronised data of your products such as prices and specific characteristics.

Our inventory level manager, adjusting the campaign budget upward or downward according to the level changes of your inventory, is integrated.